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In 2022, I had a lightbulb moment. As someone passionate about real estate investing, I often found myself trying to explain its incredible potential to friends and neighbors. But the complexity of the industry overshadowed the opportunity in their eyes. That's when I realized the need for something simpler – a way to make real estate investment accessible and understandable for everyone.

And Yubedo was born. Our mission was clear: cut through the complexity and demystify real estate investment. We're committed to providing straightforward, honest information. Steering clear of overhyped 'get rich quick' promises, we focus on offering genuine, practical advice and insights. It’s about bringing the real side of real estate to light – the opportunities and the challenges, minus the unrealistic expectations.

Today, Yubedo is more than a website. It's a community for both aspiring and seasoned investors. A place where transparent guidance replaces confusion, and where anyone can begin their journey in real estate with clarity and confidence. We're here to guide you from 'maybe I could' to 'yes, I will,' with honesty and real-world wisdom as our guiding principles.

Welcome to Yubedo – where your genuine real estate investing journey begins.

Yubedo is derived from "You Be Done"

Our mission is to simplify real estate investing, empowering everyone to build wealth and achieve financial independence confidently.

Our Customers

"Took the leap and bought my first property with Yubedo's guidance. Now, I'm scouting for my second. Trust me, this platform is a goldmine." — Cyrus N.
"Always found real estate topics a tad complicated. Yubedo's educational content is crystal clear and super informative. I feel like an expert already!" — Nika T.
"Scouring for a good real estate deal used to be daunting. But Yubedo's search is next-level. Found a profitable property in less time than I imagined!" — Gabe H.
"I had heard of house hacking but had no idea how to make it a reality. Yubedo walked me through every step. Now I live in my own duplex with a subsidized mortgage!" - Sherry E.

Our Team

Kian Torimi

Founder & CEO
Kian Torimi is a seasoned entrepreneur and innovator, blending his expertise in real estate investing with cutting-edge technology. With a strong foundation in both domains, he's dedicated to revolutionizing the industry, making property investments more user-friendly and accessible to all. Kian's passion is evident in his relentless drive to bridge traditional real estate practices with modern tech solutions, benefiting both novice and veteran investors.

Domus Go

Founder & CRO
Domus Go, co-founder of Yubedo, is an experienced entrepreneur with a strong background in sales and finance management. His expertise in customer engagement and business growth is pivotal in Yubedo's mission to simplify real estate investment. Domus's focus on user experience and strategic development ensures Yubedo delivers accessible, practical solutions to both novice and seasoned investors, driving the company's vision of making real estate investment easy and profitable for all.

Join Our Team

We are a remote-first company with offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Boston, MA. 

Marketing Manager
Full-stack Engineer

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