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Lead Clients to Smarter Real Estate Decisions

Elevate your client relationships from transactional to transformational with our advanced platform.

The Key to Your Clients'

Investment Success? You.

Step into a world where empowering your clients is effortless. No complex methodologies to decipher, no elusive tactics to master. Just a continuous flow of intelligently analyzed, low-risk investment opportunities. Keep your clients informed, satisfied, and eager for their next venture with you.

Discover Profitable Deals with Ease:

Your Real Estate Radar.

Yubedo makes discovering deals tailored to your client effortlessly. With a single click, you can filter high-potential investments based on your client's unique criteria, such as return on investment, cash flow, or even condition (turn-key vs. fix and flip).

Yubedo enables beginner real estate investors to make profitable investment decisions by providing them with easy-to-understand analytics and property recommendations.

Emily is a 34-year-old mom who effortlessly juggles parenthood and property management. When her family outgrew their first home, she saw an opportunity and converted it into a rental. Now, inspired by her initial success and eager for financial growth, she's looking to strategically expand her real estate portfolio.
Antonio, 48, is a seasoned investor who already boasts a portfolio of three properties. With years of experience under his belt, he's continually on the lookout for new opportunities to expand and diversify. Tech-savvy and adaptable, he's keen to leverage modern tools to find the next big deal.
Jake is a 27-year-old young professional. He graduated from college a few years ago and has been building his career for the past three years. Eager to retire early, he's got his sights set on real estate investing. While he's not rushing into it, he's actively saving money and learning the ins and outs of the industry, always on the lookout for the right deal.

Step 3 - Analyze

Our intuitive and easy to understand analysis report will give you actional insights so you can find the right investment opportunity that meets your needs.

Step 2 - Find

Effortlessly locate profitable investments with our smart search tool. Yubedo's intuitive filters guide you to the best real estate opportunities, simplifying your journey to a great find.

Step 1 - Learn

Discover unbiased, comprehensive real estate knowledge. Yubedo Academy offers a balanced perspective, covering both the upsides and challenges of investing. Engage with our resources to become a well-rounded, informed investor.

How It Works

Interactive Examples

Open to Explore

  • It's simple!

    We're confident Yubedo will revolutionize your business and unveil new possibilities. Give us 3 months, and if you're not convinced, receive a full refund.

  • Yubedo provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of finding investment properties by offering advanced search tools and analytics, tailored to meet your clients' investment criteria. For example, you can search by gross yield, cap rate, or even cash flow! Yubedo uses each client's assumptions, such as available funds, to find deals that work for them.

  • Unlike other platforms, Yubedo is designed with the beginner investor in mind, making it an ideal tool for agents to support clients new to real estate investing with easy-to-understand insights and analyses. Instead of overwhelming the user with numbers, we only highlight the metrics that are important. We also explain every jargon in the most clear way. 

  • With a single click, Yubedo offers comprehensive financial analysis tools that evaluate a property's potential return on investment, cash flow, and other key financial indicators, making it easier to assess a property's viability.

  • No. When you share a deal with your client, they'll get the full picture just as you've prepared it, including any custom inputs like a unique offer price or a revised rent estimate. They'll see the deal's analysis exactly as you've configured it, no account is needed. However, if they want to tweak the assumptions or interact with the analysis themselves, they'll need to sign up for a free account.

  • Yubedo transforms the way Realtors can grow their business by bridging the gap between home buying and real estate investing for their clients. While many clients shy away from investing due to its perceived complexity, Yubedo simplifies the process with intuitive tools. This empowers Realtors to guide their clients beyond home ownership to building passive income and wealth through real estate investment, expanding their service offerings and strengthening client relationships.

  • Absolutely! Besides being equipped with advanced search features, including filters for cap rate and cash flow, to pinpoint profitable investments quickly, Yubedo allows for searches based on property condition, catering to those interested in turn-key homes or fixer-uppers, including "distressed" properties needing significant renovations for habitability.

  • Yubedo property data is updated every 15 minutes.

  • In the Professional plan, you get everything from the Investor plan plus tools tailored for pros. This includes adding clients to your account, sending them deals directly, and managing multiple client profiles for efficient deal analysis. You can also sponsor clients to access the premium features without them having to pay.


    Plus, it includes auto-searches, automatically sending deals that meet your clients' criteria, saving you countless hours of digging! For example, you can set up a search for a turn-key duplex in Salt Lake City with a minimum 6% cap rate, and the platform will perform daily searches and send any deal that matches this criteria directly to your clients.

More Than Just a Home-Buying Guide.

Be Their Investment Visionary.

Go beyond just home purchases; guide your clients towards smart, long-term real estate wealth with Yubedo. Unlock strategic, profitable opportunities and become the trusted advisor who creates lasting investment legacies.

Simplify Complexity: Communicate Investment Metrics with Clarity.

Yubedo transforms complex financial data into easy-to-understand reports. No more dense spreadsheets or confusing jargon. Offer your clients clear, engaging insights for an effortless understanding of investment return that will enhance every discussion.

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