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How-to Videos

Welcome to Yubedo's How-to Videos section! Whether you're new to real estate investing or looking to sharpen your property-finding skills, our collection of easy-to-follow videos is designed to guide you every step of the way. From discovering promising properties to analyzing potential profits, these video tutorials will equip you with the insights and tools to navigate Yubedo's platform with confidence.

Assumptions Page Overview

Our quick guide shows you how to personalize your strategy for better financial decisions. From cash limits to rent growth, get all the essentials in one video. Perfect for both new and seasoned investors. Like, subscribe, and start investing smarter today!

How to Find Deals

Discover how to spot the best investment properties with Yubedo's intuitive map and advanced search features! Find properties based on Cap Rate or Cash Flow, or even based on its condition! Our guide simplifies the hunt for high-yield investments. Whether you're a long-term or a fixer-uppers investor, Yubedo makes it easy to find the right match! Dive into our tutorial, master the platform, and elevate your investing game. Ready to find your next excellent investment? Watch now!

Find Cash Flowing Properties

Unlock the secrets to efficient real estate investment with Yubedo's latest tutorial video. Learn how to leverage our Cap Rate and Cash Flow search to swiftly analyze properties and refine your investment strategy which is perfect for both seasoned and novice investors.

Seller-Finance and Assumable Deals

Discover how to find and optimize seller finance and assumable deals with YouBeDoo. This video guides you through using YouBeDoo's Deal Finder feature to effortlessly search for and analyze properties, showing you how to adjust financial metrics for the best investment outcomes.

Analysis Page Overview

Dive deep into the world of real estate with our comprehensive guide on how to effectively analyze a property. From the basics, like property details and commute scores, to advanced insights into estimated cash flow, equity gains, and more, we've got you covered. Understand short-term and long-term projections, and equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions on potential property investments.
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